SHS Drama's "Connections: A Double-Feature"

Posted by Carol Lieto on 11/25/2013

This truly collaborative theatrical endeavor was directed by Carol Lieto and Tony DiFabbio. The play Amelia was written by one of our fabulous seniors, Ricky Hvisch. It is an adaptation of a French film, Amelie.

Here are the plot summaries:
AMELIA: Amelia, a young and rather shy girl living in Paris, discovers a long-lost childhood memento which propels her to fulfill her destiny--helping the world around her. Amelia is determined to change everyone's life, but she struggles with her own loneliness and isolation. After meeting a man on the street with whom she shares an immediate attraction, Amelia determines that there may be more to life than just giving to others. With help from those around her whom she has supported, she realizes that love is the most important force that she must discover within herself. Why doubt everything, if not for love? Love--that brings connection and enables all of us to say "I am happy."

4 A.M. by Jonathan Dorf: What is it like to be awake when the rest of the world is asleep? Meet an early-morning jogger, a radio DJ whose show may have an audience of none, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the author of a most unusual letter, a sleep-over party that falls short of expectations, and many other teen characters as they search for connection in the magic hour. This "dramedy" by playwright Jonathan Dorf is a one-act play that explores what goes on at 4 a.m. through a series of connected scenes and monologues. Join them on their journey as they discover whether the monster under the bed is real and collectively wonder . . . is there anybody out there?