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Exploring All Things Chicken at Somers High School

Class with chickensIt was the first annual Chicken Day for Biology students at Somers High School. This unofficial celebration of all things chicken piggybacked on the hatching of more than a dozen new chicks in the science department earlier this month.

Science students in Emily Gilsenan, Christine Lepkowksi, Dawn Kessler and Danielle Pizzuto’s classes rotated through three chicken-related stations that included circle time with the recently hatched chickens, testing out the strength of eggs and spending time with some unique local celebrity chickens out on the lawn. Students learned about the strength of an egg and that it takes 100 pounds of pressure to break one. They tried unsuccessfully to break the egg with pressure between their fingers and then squeezing it in their hand. 

But the special guests of Chicken Day were the “Chickens with Attitude” also known as Goth Christopher, the Mayor and Christopher Christopher belonging to Karen Finnegan of Beacon, NY. Part therapy chickens, but mostly celebrity chickens, these friendly fowl spent time being cuddled by, and perching on, willing students and staff.

boy with three chickens on him Sophomore Jason Ferrara went from never having held a chicken to hosting three who sat on his head, knee and arm. He said the experience was perfect. “I could see how having them around could make someone feel optimistic,” he said.

chics in bin with tsudents looking

Finnegan brings her therapy/celebrity chickens to various organizations and events in the area including schools, sporting events and festivals to bring awareness of her small, enchanting group of domesticated fowl. She uses humor and friendship to introduce people to these friendly creatures including one special chicken named Jolene who can’t run or fly. She is subject of Finnegan’s book “Jolene the Disability Awareness Chicken” about Jolene and her sister Christopher who help inspire children to embrace what is special and different in each other. 

Primrose Elementary School students also shared in the joy of Chicken Day. The Somers H

igh School science teachers and students greeted some first and second graders from Crystle Regulbuto’s first and second grade Flex Class. They walked over to meet Finnegan and her chickens and hear Finnegan read from her book and partake in the egg breaking challenge.

teacher ith chicken on soulder

woman holding chic