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New Evening Offering: Recognizing and Relieving Stress While at Home

Wednesday, 5/27, 7-7:30pm:


Hosts: Phil Kavanagh, Director of School Counseling and Student Support           
           Dr. Jennifer Simon, Mindfulness instructor, practitioner and researcher 


This will be a recurring presentation (pending demonstrated interest) designed for parents and caregivers in the Somers community.  The goals of each presentation will be to:

  • Better understand new stressors and anxiety triggers 
  • Understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Connect with resources to help learn about and identify personal stressors
  • Better understand the mind/body connection
  • Learn approaches and perspectives on managing our stress
  • Learn from our fellow community members, hear both our common and unique struggles, and target special areas that may require more focused support in subsequent programs supported by our schools