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Students Helping Students Learn Digital Safety

students in classroomAs part of the Tusker 101 classes at Somers High School (SHS), students created presentations to share with the students at Somers Intermediate School (SIS) about digital citizenship.

“I think it is important for them to learn that our actions have consequences,” said Adriana Diaz, “and to be mindful of how we treat others.”

Tusker 101 students spent time in and out of their class creating these presentations in small groups. Presentations focused on different aspects of digital safety, including the many forms of cyberbullying, personal privacy, and social media safety. The groups presented to all fourth- and fifth-grade classes.

student speaking from front of classroom“I think the most important thing that we can share with the younger students is our own experiences with cyberbullying and social media safety because that will be the most impactful,” Aurora Riley said.

Tusker students used slide shows, spoke personally about their experiences, and provided interactive activities to engage students. One activity had students write down a password that would be “safe” and then discuss what made the password good and what needed improvement. 

The purpose of these visits was to help provide the younger grades with a student perspective on how to safely navigate social media, online chats and games, and the responsibility that comes with online freedom.

“I think that (a presentation) would've been helpful to me too,” said Adriana. “I feel like middle school is when we first got social media and we were clueless to the risks and downsides of it.”

paper with hand draw art with tips for digital behavior