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Lights, Camera, Action!

2nd annual Somers film festival posterIt was all quiet on set when the films in the second annual Somers Film Festival were shooting their big scenes. However, it was anything but quiet as appreciative audiences applauded the student-created entries during the recent film festival

“A lot of hard work went into this film,” Sophia Trantos said. “I’m ecstatic that a lot of people are loving this story as much as I do.”

The Film Festival was held on May 17 in the Somers High School (SHS) auditorium, hosted by the Film Club President Curtis Dustin and Vice President Christian Brooks. In total, there were six entries this year in the running. This year’s winner was Sophia Trantos with her film “Howe is Here.”

“My film is a 10-minute short film about a girl named Gracie who struggles with night terrors,” said Sophia.

man at microphone with red curtain in backgroundAll SHS students were encouraged to submit a film to the festival. Films could be any genre and as creative as possible, as long as they rated between G and R, with nothing crossing the line of what would be considered appropriate for school. Films were allowed to be up to 12 minutes long.

“This was my second year at the film festival,” said Sophia. “Both years, I've had so much fun. The vibes are always wonderful. It felt amazing and extremely rewarding to win this year’s film festival,” said Sophia.

Each film was shown in the auditorium, in front of a panel of judges composed of legacy Film Club officers and graduated members. The judges were: Rebecca Joe (last year’s president); Mr. Ridgeway, who acted in the club’s big film, “In Beloved Remembrance;” Daniel Gordon (a graduated film club legacy member); and Christian Brooks (current vice president). An audience of contestants and guests filled the auditorium to support the festival, creating a movie premier-style atmosphere.

stage with theater seats in foreground“Everyone was excited to show their films and see each other’s films. I loved taking a peek into everyone’s creative minds and seeing what they came up with!” Sophia said.

Along with hosting the Film Festival, the Film Club also produced a large collaborative project over the course of the year. Mr. Ridgeway played Headmaster Harkinson in their film, “In Beloved Remembrance,” which was screened for students during community lunch, allowing the rest of the student body to enjoy their cinematic masterpiece. “In Beloved Remembrance” was written, edited, directed, and produced by Curtis Dustin, the Film Club president.

“The film blew their expectations away,” Curtis said. “It will now move on to compete in professional film festivals, such as the Yonkers film festival.”