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Getting “WizFit” With the Harlem Wizards

pro player with a teacher with a basketball.The Harlem Wizards basketball team, known for their “trick hoops and alley-oops,” visited Primrose Elementary School and Somers Intermediate School (SIS) to share the WizFit challenge with students.

“We got to meet the players,” Mackenzie said.

All students in both Primrose and SIS participated in the WizFit Challenge by watching six interactive WizFit videos over the course of two weeks on their own time. The challenge is designed to be high-energy, engaging, fitness-forward, and inclusive, providing activities that everyone can take part in. The Harlem Wizards held assemblies to kick off the challenge and get students excited to get fit. 

“You have to watch these WizFit videos,” Mackenzie said. “We got to learn new exercises.”

player dunking ball with a huge leap, feet off ground. kids watching from gym floorAnother set of assemblies was held again at the end of the challenge. During the culmination assemblies, the basketball players did tricks and had the students and staff participate in different physical activities such as jumping jacks, high knees, dancing, and reaching with their basketballs. All students received prizes for participating in the WizFit Challenge, regardless of their level of involvement.

“We did the WizFit Shuffle,” said Cooper. 

“It’s a dance the Wizards do,” Mackenzie added. “You win prizes like a water bottle and a basketball.”

Proceeds from the WizFit Challenge go directly to the Somers Education Foundation (SEF). SEF is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that raises funds for student- and teacher-initiated projects that are not otherwise funded within Somers Central School District’s budget. This year, Primrose even raised enough funds to stick Coach Mallon to the wall!

Player wit ball spinning on fingertip“The most challenging part was moving the ball around your back and trying to balance it on your finger,” Mackenzie said.

“I would do WizFit again,” added James.

Once the challenge was complete, the Harlem Wizards returned one last time to take on administrators, faculty, and staff known as the Somers Wiz Busters in a friendly head-to-head basketball game at Somers High School. Despite a valiant effort from the Somers Wiz Busters, the Harlem Wizards took the win.

many student in gym holding basketballs above their heads