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The “Trick” to Reducing Pollution

 Student holding a recycling bin near Dumpster DougDumpster Doug helped students at Somers Intermediate School learn about the importance of taking care of our earth and how they can be “Pollution Preventers” during an elementary ecology assembly.

“He taught us how pollution is affecting our earth and how we can solve the problem,” Donovan Laluna said.

Dumpster Doug used a winning combination of audience participation, magic tricks, volunteer cooperation on stage, and a silly-yet-serious attitude to create an environment that kept students engaged throughout his presentation. His sleight-of-hand tricks helped to illustrate his message of interconnectedness in our environment in a way that entertained the students.

“He made me hold a pair of ropes tied in a knot,” said Giuseppe Logiudice. “Then I pulled the rope to show it was all one rope again.”

Students learned about the repercussions of pollution on the earth and the choices they can make in their daily lives to help decrease pollutants entering our environment in a variety of ways. 

 Student on stage with Dumpster Doug“I liked it when he had the rope in a triangle for precipitation, condensation, and evaporation,” said Alana Digiacomo.

Dumpster Doug used ropes to represent the relationship between water, air, and land. With magic, he broke the rope into multiple pieces to show what happens when pollution enters any part of our environment. Then using magic and the help of a volunteer from the audience, he put the ropes back together into one to show how we can make choices that help to repair the earth.

“He had three ropes. One each for water, land, and air. They were all linked together like a cycle, and they all affected each other,” said Zana Osmani. “Sometimes one of the ropes would be broken in half or into thirds because something happened like pollution.”

Students also learned about microplastics and how they break down to enter our water, land, and even our bodies. Dumpster Doug shared what students can do at home and at school to reduce the occurrence of microplastics, like using a reusable water bottle.

“We were taught about the microplastics from the photodegradable plastic bottles,” Donovan said. “The sun dissolves the plastic, but it melts it from the inside, so all the microplastics from the bottle get into our water.”

This was Dumpster Doug’s first visit to SIS and all grades enjoyed and learned from his lively and creative presentation. Thank you to the PTA for providing this educational experience for students.