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A Day with Friends and Animals

Two students petting a goat which is stauging on a wall in a barnPrimrose Elementary School first graders traveled to Muscoot Farm in Katonah, New York to spend a day with the animals. During their field trip in late April, the students learned about life on the farm and met the various animals living there.

“My favorite part was playing on the tractor,” said James.

2 STudents petting a chicken whoch is help by a farm staff worked Students were guided around the farm to different animal enclosures and through multiple barns. They saw many kinds of animals, including horses, donkeys, chickens, and pygmy goats. While they visited with each animal, they learned about how the farm workers take care of them each day. Students were even allowed into the pygmy goat enclosure and could pet the goats if they wanted to. They also had the chance to feed the chickens in their coop and pet Penny the hen.

“We got to pet the goats,” Mackenzie said. “They were soft.”

“We fed the chickens,” said James. “They eat chicken food, of course,” he added when asked what kind of food they fed the chickens.

Along with learning about the different animals on the farm, the students were taken on a tour of the farm museum. There, they learned all about the work that was done on the farm on a typical day in the past and the different kinds of things they still do on the farm currently.

“We learned that they used to do something each day,” said Cooper. “They ironed on Tuesdays.”

class of kids speaking with a staff farmer indoors - all sitting on the floorJames added, “They used to ring the bell when it was time for lunch.”

Primrose students enjoyed a bagged lunch at the farm during their visit, seated at the outdoor picnic tables with their classmates, teachers, chaperones, and friends. For some students, this was their first trip to Muscoot Farm, while others had been there many times before. This trip was sponsored by the PTA.