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A New Addition to Math Class

two students awhite table desk with writing on itThe newest additions to the eighth-grade co-teach math class at Somers Middle School are whiteboard tables. These tables were provided by a grant from the Somers Education Foundation (SEF). SEF is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that raises funds for student- and teacher-initiated projects that are not otherwise funded within Somers Central School District’s budget.

“They’re easy to use and we have a lot of space to write,” said Sam Giliberti. “And you don’t need a charger for it.”

Having the use of whiteboards as tables has allowed students to work together more collaboratively since they can practice equations on the surface between them. This allows all classmates to see the work their peers are doing in real time, rather than working individually on their tablets.

“You can see everyone else’s work and what they’re writing,” said Hana Kamenickova.

“It’s more useful and more efficient,” Olivia Spadini added.

The whiteboard tables provide an alternative to using paper, tablets, or the vertical whiteboards in class. Teachers can help facilitate conversations and collaborations by writing hints and helpful reminders on the tables for students to utilize during class, differentiating for groups or individual students, and easily checking and correcting student work. So far, students have found them to be a quick and efficient addition to their classroom, giving them another tool to support their individual learning styles and needs.

white shot of clessroom with student at two separate white table“I think it’s pretty helpful,” Eliana Contreras said. “If I can’t do something in my head, I can use the whiteboard table.”

Whiteboard tables also help students reinforce their IB learner profile attributes of thinker and communicator by facilitating an open line of communication and encouraging teamwork with their classmates, sharing a table as they strategize how to solve equations.