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A Howling Good Field Trip

man with wolves with students watchingSecond-grade students from Primrose had a “howling” good time at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem.

“I’ve only seen pictures of wolves before,” said Adaline, “but never real ones.”

Students recently took a field trip to the WCC and met the ambassador wolves, Nikai and Silas. Nikai has been with WCC since 2014 while Silas arrived in 2023. Along with the conservation staff, the wolves help visitors learn about preservation, ecological balance, and the how people are important in conservation efforts. 

“I learned that dogs and wolves’ mouths look the same,” said Layla, “but wolves have a bump on their heads that makes their jaws stronger.”

They learned about the food and living conditions of the wolves that live at WCC, and the precarious endangered status of wolves in the United States. As they watched, the wolves were fed raw meat and treats, consuming up to eight pounds of meat in one meal.

“It looked like a full meal for us, but for them it was just a snack,” said Adaline.

WCC is home to 23 Mexican Gray Wolves and Red Wolves. The students only saw a few of them near the fences on the center’s 300 acres of land. Most of the wolves were too far away to be seen while the students were there. To learn more about the other wolves at the conservation center, they also watched webcams of the wolf dens and trail cams of the large enclosure. 

“There was a classroom there where we learned a lot of stuff,” said Layla. “That’s where we saw videos of pups and we also saw some of the dens on cameras.”