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Collaborative Art with Dots of All Sizes

yeacher working with studentspainting on the table covering art paper canvasesCollaboration was the theme of a recent art project at Primrose Elementary, turning individually painted dots into an oversized collage of art.

Students in all grades started their art class by watching the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds. After the story, each student painted a dot of their own on a table covered in one large piece of paper.

“It (the story) was about a girl painting a big dot,” said Charlotte. “Painting a huge dot was my favorite part.”

Not only did they design their unique dot, but they also added details to another dot that had already been started by another student in a previous class. Working together, layer over layer, all grades crafted a collage of dots that are as unique as the students who created them.

two finished artworks“I’m adding blue dots,” said Charlotte, as she added her own touch to some pink dots, “because blue and pink make cotton candy.”

This dot art lesson focused on working with tempera paints and learning the basics of color mixing. Along with those art skills, students also learned to work together on a group project while adding their unique touch.

“My favorite part was that I got to add to someone else’s dot,” said Audree.

stdents paiting sitting at tableThe final project became multiple table-sized collage art pieces that showcased dots from each grade mingling together on the same page. Working collaboratively, students created a work of art, showing that working together can result in something beautiful!