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High School Students Support Science at SIS

three students colaborating while st=itting on the floorScience projects were the focus in March at Somers Intermediate School (SIS), culminating with a Science Night on March 20. Leading up to Science Night, Somers High School (SHS) students volunteered their time and experience with the younger students, helping them prepare their science projects.

“When you asked them a question, they explained the answer with detail,” said fifth-grader Eva Rosetti when asked about her experience.

High school students met after school at SIS to work on science projects with the younger students, offering support, guidance, and design advice, as well as answering questions about the ins and outs of making a science project.

4 students working together at a round table“I had so much fun helping the SIS Science Fair students,” said sophomore Isabella Wissa. “It was a pleasure to see the students work hard, ask questions, and enjoy the process of making their projects.”

“They helped me improve my skills by making suggestions about how I could make my project better,” said fifth-grader Leo Newman.

This was the third year that older and younger students worked together in this way. SHS students earned service hours for the National Honor Society, but the reward went far beyond those hours.

“Helping the SIS science fair students brought back lots of memories of when we were in SIS doing science projects,” said sophomore Makaila Eagleton.

SIS students also benefited from the older students’ mentorship in ways they didn’t expect and looked forward to their time together.

3 students looking at a computer on the table“They helped me a lot with my hypothesis by teaching me the if/then model,” said fifth-grader Mia Klein.

“All of them worked hard and it was a pleasure to see them be so passionate about their projects,” said sophomore Anya Khurana. “I hope that all of them continue their passion in science, as they all did amazing and should be so proud!”