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Tusker 101 – Lessons for School and Life

 Two students in a selfie at a counterTusker 101 is a new, full-year class for freshmen at Somers High School that aims to teach students a plethora of lessons that not only apply to success at school but also set them up for success in life. 

“The day is always so chaotic, so to come into Tusker 101 feels so much better because you can talk about questions you have,” said Alivia Digiacomo. “It’s a good check-in for the freshmen.”

Students started the year by reflecting on different qualities about themselves in terms of both strengths and challenge areas. After exploring those further, students then learned about the resources available within the school that would help them meet the needs they see in themselves, like the nurse, library, the Academic Support Center (ASC), and the school store.

“When I saw the ASC, I didn’t know you could get help with every subject. Now I’ve been going there to get help with math during lunch,” Alivia said. “My last math test boosted my average by four points.”

The class focuses on the ten International Baccalaureate learner profile attributes, one per month, and puts them into practical use by expanding on them. Exploring these attributes, which include communication skills, risk-taking, and reflection, students learn how to better apply these skills to both their academic studies and their lives outside of school. They also learn the different ways the faculty supports students in the building.

Two stdents wring on a white papar taped to a blackboard“I’m so grateful for Tusker 101,” said Alivia. “I’m happy I got to say this because, in the beginning, I was nervous to come into this school. This class has helped me so much, life-skills-wise and in general.”