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Choreographing Success with IB Dance

9 DancersInternational Baccalaureate Dance students at Somers High School are learning more than just new moves in class. 

Students study both the form of dance movement and the history of different dance styles, gaining well-rounded knowledge about dance during their two years in IB Dance as juniors and seniors. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers as they choreograph their own dances.

“We split off into groups and each group comes up with a dance for a song, and then we teach them to each other,” said Liv Peck.

Throughout the year, IB Dance students will also have the opportunity to study various dance styles and techniques from guest dancers. 

“In December we’re going to Radio City for a Rockettes dance class. We have a salsa teacher coming in January,” said Dana Cohen, referring to their upcoming schedule of guests.

Students dancing in the school gymThe class will visit Radio City for a tour behind the scenes of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and take a dance class with a retired Rockettes dancer, giving them the opportunity to study with a real-world industry professional.

Students also perform for other students in the Somers District. Most recently, they performed an ensemble of routines for the students at Primrose Elementary. After their performance, the older students taught the younger students simple dance moves, then came together as one large group to attempt the routine together. 

Ariana Horafios added, “At the end of the year, we have a recital where parents and friends can come. We showcase all the dances we learned from outside guest teachers, as well as the dances that we came up with ourselves.”