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Celebrating a Patchwork of Cultural Experiences

students at round tables in the libraryStudents at Primrose Elementary are reading books by Hispanic and Latin authors and illustrators during Hispanic Heritage Month, helping them to explore the many ways other cultures from around the world enrich our daily lives through music, food, holidays, and books.

During a recent library class, students in second grade created patches using blank stickers after reading the book “Paula’s Patches” written by Gabriella Alderman and illustrated by Rocio Arreola Mendoza, a collaboration that brings together representation from Panama and Mexico. 

“I have a best stuffed animal. His name is Bo and I sleep with him every night,” said Caroline Tillson about the patch she designed.

In the story, Paula gets a rip in her pants and is embarrassed. After being inspired by another student’s homemade quilt, Paula makes a patch to repair her pants and then makes other unique patches to share with her classmates. 

4 students at table Jordy Stephens said her favorite part of the story was “When Paula made the patches. I have a sewing machine, so I can do it. I want to do it.”

After the second graders made their patches, they applied them to their clothes and backpacks or took them home. Students were encouraged to choose something special to them to create their patch, such as objects, people, pets, or even sayings that resonated with them.

“His name is Bluey,” said Savannah Milanese while pointing to her patch with a drawing of her dog. “And he’s special to me because I love him so much.”