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Building Community with Lunch 

 4 Community Lunch involved students sitting outside All staff and students at Somers High School have a lunch break at the same time, together, each day. They call it Community Lunch. 

“I love Community Lunch. It’s like lunch in every single high school movie. I’m able to pick a place in the school and just hang out with my friends,” said Julie Guida, a junior at SHS.

Community Lunch helps to foster a sense of citizenship within the school, while also ensuring that all students and staff have time allotted in their schedules for a meal, helping to promote a healthy lifestyle. It’s held midday, evenly splitting the morning and afternoon classes, creating a sense of balance. 

“It’s a lot better to have a break and then you’re ready for the second half of the day,” said freshman George Sullivan.

During Community Lunch, students choose how and where they spend their time. They may decide to eat lunch with friends in the Commons, cafeteria, outside, or any other area of the school that is supervised by a monitor. Students may also opt to play games with their peers, sketch, read, or participate in many other social activities in the Student Life Center.

“It’s a really good break. It’s a nice way to ease in and out of the day,” added Julie.

Numerous clubs and organizations are available during Community Lunch, giving more students with busy after-school schedules an opportunity to join. Counselors and teachers are also available during the period for extra academic help, career and college planning, or to simply share a meal with another member of their school community.