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Building Classroom Communities

Primrose Students in morning meetingMorning Meetings at Primrose Elementary School take place in every classroom, every morning. They are in keeping with Somers Central School District’s goal of building a strong school community and fostering responsive classroom practice. During Morning Meetings, students learn cooperation with classmates, kindness, respect for others, taking turns, listening to each other, and what it means to be a part of the Somers school community. 

“I like greeting my friends,” said second-grader Aria Sharma. “We greet different people every day.”

Teachers and students participate in a variety of activities in their Morning Meetings, including songs, questions, and sharing activities designed to help students learn more about their classmates. “I like to share how you can be a nice friend,” said Aria. 

Games, art projects, writing, and movement are also used to nurture connections with others. “In writing, we usually learn about each other, like who we are and what we like to do,” said classmate Grace Wintje.

Every Morning Meeting builds on the last to continually encourage students to get to know each other in new and meaningful ways, helping them to build friendships and find commonality with their peers.