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Town Meeting Recognizes Bucket Fillers 

 Students at town meeting in auditoriumWhat is a bucket filler? 

Students at Somers Intermediate School learned about “bucket fillers” last week during the first town meetings of the new school year. The grade-level meetings focused on what it looks and sounds like to be an SIS student. 

“A bucket filler means to me that when someone is injured, I help them get up and I help them go to the nurse,” said Jordan Schwartz, a fifth-grade student who was recognized as a bucket filler.  

The term “bucket filler” comes from the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. It helps students learn how to be good friends and good school citizens by treating everyone with kindness and by being helpful. Fifteen individual bucket fillers were recognized at Town Meetings, as well as an entire third-grade class. 

“If someone’s getting bullied,” said Sofia Roberts, “then a bucket filler can stand up for them.”  

The Town Meetings throughout the year will showcase student-artists, performers, and authors. Students also participate in games and activities such as singing Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating a birthday that month and the occasional dance party.  

“My favorite part of the meeting was getting my certificate and seeing all my friends,” said Sofia, “and learning that instead of the treat trolley you can spin the wheel this year.” 

The Winning Wheel is a new addition to Town Meetings and students were very excited about it. “If you do kind or good deeds, every teacher in the building has a ticket with your class’s name and they put it in a jar,” Jordan explained. “And if we get the most tickets, we get to spin the wheel and whatever it lands on, we get to do.”  

Town Meetings also cover many important school-related topics like discussing upcoming and ongoing schoolwide events, highlights from the student government, recognizing student achievements, and celebrating cultural heritage and history months with read-alouds as well as other presentations. Next month’s Town Meeting will focus on bus safety for National Bus Safety week.