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Fresh New Looks for a Fresh New Year 

Senior while painting his parking spotThis year's seniors continued the tradition of painting their parking spots at Somers High School. As the summer ended, seniors at SHS were preparing for their new, and final, school year by putting a fresh coat of paint and a new design on their assigned parking spots.  

Earlier in the summer, students entered a lottery through the school and submitted their proposed parking spot graphic designs to the administration for approval. Every senior who entered the lottery was granted a spot. Once spots were assigned and designs were approved, students were on their own, or recruited the help of friends, to get their masterpieces completed before the first day of school. Students expressed their creativity with a variety of designs, including patterns, favorite characters, hobbies, and landscapes. 

Connor Meyers was hard at work on his spot on August 31, just a few days before the start of school. He chose his design based on his passion for album covers. "I've always liked to collect albums and records, and I felt like if I did that for my spot, it's pretty unique and not many people would think about doing a bunch of album covers," Connor said.  

Mikayla Haran was also putting the finishing touches on her spot. She chose her design with a little help from her friends. "Ever since middle school, everyone knows just how much I like ducks. So, I thought I'd put them on my parking spot," Mikayla said. 

Both Conner and Mikayla were excited for their final year at SHS and had been looking forward to this senior tradition since they were freshmen.