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Second Grader Gives Superintendent an Assist on Field Plans

Isabel and Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch When Superintendent Dr. Raymond Blanch paid students a visit during the Expert Fair last spring, he met one first grader, Isabella, who had a remarkably deep understanding of softball.

“I was impressed with Isabella’s passion for softball,” Dr. Blanch said. “She was so knowledgeable about the game and how a player could improve. She was so excited to hear about the plans for an updated Tuskers softball field.”

Dr. Blanch promised that he would show Isabella renderings of the new field at Primrose — the home of the Somers varsity — before it was built. He followed through this spring, visiting her second-grade classroom for a special glimpse.

“He came to our classroom, opened up his computer and showed me the plans,” Isabella said.

The changes, which were part of a $7-million capital project to improve athletic facilities included in this year’s district budget, called for the playing surface to be reoriented and synthetic turf and new dugouts to be installed.

“He asked me if I had any suggestions,” Isabella said. “I told him that I thought it would look nice if Somers Softball was painted on the dugout. He said, ‘Wow, that sounds good!’”

redering 1Dr. Blanch accepted Isabella’s advice and plans to implement it in the final phase. Construction is expected to begin as soon as the district receives approval from the New York State Education Department — perhaps as early as this fall.

“It meant a lot to me that he came to see me,” said Isabella, who was both nervous and excited by her big opportunity. “Not everyone gets to meet the Superintendent.”

Although she has yet to play on the current field, Isabella plans to change that once the new project is completed. She will make sure her softball coach (her dad) gives her team a chance to play at Primrose.

“I’m going to force my dad to at least have a practice here,” she said. “I feel like I am a part of it.”


redering from bird's eye field above