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Bowling Makes Its Debut in the Somers High School Varsity Line-Up

Bowling team membersThe first ever varsity game of the Somers High School Bowling Team last week came down to the 10th frame against Briarcliff High School. Although they lost, with two Somers bowlers throwing their highest ever games, the team members are confident that they will make a name for themselves in the school’s athletics line-up.

Under the coaching expertise of Primrose Math AIS Erik Tetro, the members of the team, who have varying levels of experience, travel several days a week to Cortland Lanes for a team practice. The Tuskers Bowling team will compete against the 10 other high school teams in the Conference 1 League that includes Lakeland, Yorktown, Walter Panas, Peekskill, Greeley, Ossining, North Salem, John Jay, Hendrick Hudson, and Briarcliff.

“When I saw that there was going to be a Bowling team at the high school, I jumped at the opportunity to coach the new team,” said Tetro who began bowling competitively at eight years old. He participates in a competitive local Men’s League. “l knew that I could pass along my knowledge of the skills and techniques and hope to inspire a love of bowling. 

 “I wanted to get involved in a sport and bowling seemed the most fun to me,” said Dylan Larson. Although Larson said he’s not a seasoned bowler by any means, he found the hobby enjoyable enough to join the competitive team. “Like many of us, I’ve gone bowling with my family but never really played often.”

Tyler Fazio, a seasoned and competitive bowler, said he is enthusiastic to bring the energy of the bowling team to Somers. “I want people to know about us and be excited that bowling is a brand-new sport at Somers High School,” Fazio said.

The Tuskers Bowlers are excited for their inaugural season and while nerves may be part of the game, team members know a little patience with themselves and each other as they start off is imperative. “Bowling is very easy to learn but can also be a little infuriating,” Larson said. “You just need to stay calm, and you’ll do great.

'We are so happy to have the opportunity to start a Bowling program this year,” said Athletic Director Marc Hattem. “One of the goals of the Athletic Department is always to have as much participation as possible from our student-body, and the bowling team will provide an opportunity for our students to participate in a lifetime activity. I am very thankful to Dr. Blanch and our Head Coach Erik Tetro for all they have done to make this a reality."

The Somers Bowling Team is set to be a co-ed team. Tetro said the team has seven boys who will compete, but he is hopeful girls who are interested will join. 

For Tetro, the expectations of his new team of bowlers included improving their skills and growing the love of the game. “I want to be able to watch them grow as bowlers and come together as a team,” he said. “I believe that by the end of the season each student will improve their techniques and raise their high scores. 
My goal is for the team to enjoy themselves and make some lasting friendships. I believe if they do that, then the Somers Bowling Team will become a fun and competitive team.”