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Somers High School Students Try Simulator Goggles for Red Ribbon Week Activity

Girls playing cath with objects while wearing drunk gogglesAs part of the national Red Ribbon Week drug-use prevention campaign at Somers High School, the Student Assistance Services sponsored the Drunk Goggle activity during Community lunch in the Commons today. 

Students were able to try out several different specially made impairment goggles at varying levels of Breath Alcohol Concentration and impairment – minimal impairment, Totally Wasted, and cannabis goggles. The different goggles simulate the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body including visual distortion, double vision, reduced peripheral vision and the alteration of depth and distance perception. 

Three students at tableStudent Assistance Counselor Jessica Pereira taped a line of masking tape to the floor for students to walk while wearing the goggles. Some students also used the red ball to attempt a game of catch while wearing a set of goggles. 

“Wearing them made things a lot harder,” said junior Sofia Palazzetti. “I was dizzy and couldn’t make out what was in front of me.”

Boy with drunk goggles onJunior Sophia Trantos said her vision was completely impaired when she tried seeing through the Totally Wasted goggle. She concluded that activities like this are good deterrents against drugs and alcohol use for students who try them. “I couldn’t see straight,” she said. “I don’t think I could see anything at all.”






Gorl wearing goggles in school