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Black History Month at Primrose

Three kids sitting in front of art on wallPrimrose Elementary School first graders were very surprised to hear that a young Black girl about their age was instrumental in the desegregating of the New Orleans school district in 1960.

kids sitting on floor in linrary with a standing teacher by a screen with BLACK HISTORY MONTH on itRuby Bridges was one important individual Librarian Nicole Secor showed her students as part of a lesson on Black “superheroes” who made a mark on history through the courage in the face of adversity. Students talked about what feelings Ruby Bridges must have had as a Black student who walked into in all-white school. One student raised his hand and said “brave.”

During Black History Month, Primrose students are learning about the numerous influences, contributions and achievements Blacks have had in our nation. “We all have our differences that make us special,” Secor said. “We learn why Black History Month is celebrated and why it’s important for us to continue to learn about those who have made significant achievements.”

Primrose students are commemorating Black History Month with various school and grade-level activities beginning each day with facts about the month shared at morning announcements. Teachers are integrating classroom activities to focus on positive impacts and contributions members of the Black community have had on society through music, art, science, mathematics, and history.

5 kids hikding p big artwork

painted plate art on wall