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Seventh Graders Finding a WIN with Art

girl with artWatercolors, sketching, colored pencils, markers. 

These are the chosen mediums for a group of seventh graders opting for Open Art Studio during their WIN period this week. The students are working on a variety of creations drawing their favorite animals, Pokeman characters, characters from video games, flowers, and more.

 “I really like drawing. It’s my favorite thing to do,” said Alisa Asllani..” Asllani is using watercolors to recreate a character from Pokeman, her own rendition of Snarlax. 

Girl with sun artNick Frey was busy perfecting the images of wild birds. He used colored pencils to make the colors of the black and orange toucan and the multi-colored parrots really shine. “I like drawing birds and the fact that in this WIN period I can be creative,” Frey said.

For Julia Klein and Dylan DeLuca, the Open Art Studio WIN period is the perfect combination of creativity and relaxation. Klein was busy with markers while DeLuca was putting the final touches on her sunflower using watercolor and ink.

teacher with students doing artArt teacher Gary Wanderlingh offers the Open Art Studio in his classroom for the seventh graders to come and work on projects of their choice. He said he was pleased with the turnout and range of projects especially since there is not a designated art class for the seventh grade. Wanderlingh said he hopes to incorporate clay into an upcoming WIN class.