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Making a New Sound at Somers High School

6 peorple  pose in the Band room - 4 boys one girl and a teacher. All are maskedThe thunderous boom of two bass drums. The low and mellow tone of a tenor. The clatter of the snare and the metallic crash of the cymbals. The five members of the new Somers High School Drum Line are creating a unique sound and are excited to bring Tuskers’ school spirit to the next level.

The SHS drum line - Ray Mandel-Mueller, Seth Cheung, Derek Donnelly, Christian Brooks, and Erin Svoboda - debuted their sound to the delight of fellow students, staff, and fans during football season. The drum line performed at several home games including Homecoming and at two school pep rallies.

“We received very positive feedback from everyone,” said Mandel-Mueller, a senior who plays the bass drum. “There was a lot of cheering and a lot of energy.”
A drum line and sporting events, Mandel-Mueller said, “just go together.”

5 drummers drum outside by field's bleachers

Cheung, who is a sophomore, agreed. “A pep rally or football game experience is far greater for everyone when you have a drumline on the sidelines,” Cheung said. “I heard from a lot of people who said we sounded good and wanted to hear more.”

Svoboda, a sophomore who plays the snare, is excited be part of the new drum line at school. She said seeing a performance by a national drum and bugle corps inspired her to be part of the new Tusker’s formation. “A drum line is so interesting and so much fun,” she said.

The five members, some of who are also part of the SHS jazz band, meet after school each week to practice their beat together. They are eager to help grow the extra-curricular club and take on new drum compilations for events.

Mandel-Mueller praised the music department’s ongoing commitment to keeping the music program robust and relevant. “The fact that we can start a drum line reflects just how good our music department is here,” he said.