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Tusker Tribune Gets Students Writing at SMS

three students with a teacher in front of a screens with The Tusker Nation paper on it.Curiosity. The love of writing. The love of news. These are some reasons students have joined the staff of the Tusker Tribune, Somers Middle School’s student run online weekly newspaper.

More than a dozen middle school reporters contribute each week to stories that are important to their school community from book and movie reviews, product reviews, sports, short stories, and reporting on current school events.

“I write in my free time, and this gives me a way to share my stories,” said sixth grader Nova Laubis who likes to share original short stories as a Tusker Tribune staff member. “The paper gives me a bigger platform.”

Eighth grader Anya Khurana said she was a member of the student newspaper staff at her previous school and jumped at the chance to be part of the Tusker Tribune. She has written opinion pieces and shared some of her favorite short stories.

“My favorite subject is current events and I have written about how to stay safe during COVID, a story about racism, and a story on the trouble in Afghanistan,” she said.

For Xavier Tejeda, being part of the staff means he can write about things  that are important to him, whether the topic is something fun or more serious. “Writing is a way to do that,” he said.

The Tusker Tribune, advised by teacher Dean Pappas, meets after school a few times a month and publishes each Friday. Students are issued press passes, have their own byline and can choose the stories they want to share. “They all get to be published writers each week,” Pappas said.