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Y2Y Club Helps High School Students Navigate Mental Health

two girl by bulletin boardEliminating the stigma associated with mental health issues and making sure students know there is help when they need it are some of the goals of the Youth-to-Youth Club at Somers High School.

Co-presidents Maya Shirakura and Victoria Olsen, both juniors, were instrumental in putting together the Mental Health Team bulletin board, a road map for students seeking assistance. School counselors, school psychologists, social worker, student assistance counselors, and office staff, are identified with their picture, name, room number, and description, to help students to easily find the person they need to work through an issue.

“The purpose of the bulletin board is to inform Somers High School students of the faculty and staff they can go to and rely on when they need a trusted person to talk to,” Shirakura said. “The importance of the board is that it shows to high schoolers that there are many adults that can help.”

“It lets them know who they can see when they need to talk to a trusted adult,” added Olsen. “It can help students navigate who they need to talk to in certain instances because of the pictures, room number, and description of the person.”

Youth-to-Youth is a peer leadership program that provides students with the best prevention and intervention tools possible to deal with the issues of mental health awareness, and healthy living.

“Our goal is to create positive change within our school community and eliminate the stigma attached to mental health challenges,” said Kristen Rigaglia, club advisor and school social worker.

Bulletin Board - Mentasl Health Team members with headshots