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A Game of Chance Teaches Division Facts at SIS

two biys working on floorThird graders in Melissa Barcia and Lori Spinosa's class at Somers Intermediate School worked on their division facts using a game with cards and dice. Students use number cards and dice to come up with arrays to model division with and without remainders.

Students worked on the random equations using the math facts they knew and could also use counters for assistance.

“This activity was one of the many ways we provide opportunities for students to work with others to achieve a common goal or to compete in a friendly way,” Barcia said. “It was such an engaging and enriching activity that our young mathematicians loved.”

two students looking at cameraThe game supported student understanding of division using a number card as the dividend and the roll of the die to determine the divisor. Students then had to model an array with a drawing or build an array using counters. They were able to find the quotient using the array and determine a remainder, if applicable.

Student Zana Osmani said she likes the game because “it’s fun because you get to spend time and learn more things together. You get to learn all these new facts with your friends."

Leo Newman agreed and said he liked that it helped him learn arrays and division. “It's math facts and it was fun and helped us learn division."



two boys standing working together holding cards