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Sixth Graders “Saved” A Turkey With Fun ELA Challenge

students at three desks with a teacher standinbgSixth graders in Dawn Stanczuk’s WIN period used ELA topics like cause and effect, vocabulary, and inference to help save a turkey from being the main meal at Thanksgiving.

The Save The Turkey Escape Challenge had students working in small teams to complete five different challenges. Each challenge focused on one area of ELA that the students would have to successfully complete before moving on to the next. The challenges included areas of text structure, vocabulary, text feature, inference and reasoning, and cause and effect, centered on Thanksgiving traditions, foods, and history.

“The holiday themed escape challenge was really a fun way to do ELA,” said student Nova Laubis whose team won the challenge in their WIN period class. The four students worked as a team to uncover clues to complete each challenge.

Stanczuk set up the ELA turkey escape challenge as part of the recent WIN period choices. She said she wanted to offer students a themed activity that incorporated the various lessons they have learned in their regular ELA classes.


4 students standing holding signs


4 students at desks working