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Fall-Themed Art Creations in SIS

Firls painting pumpkins on a tableFall is in full swing in Meghan Gioffe’s art classes at Somers Intermediate School. From fall leaf projects to dotted pumpkins inspired by contemporary and pop culture Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, students have been busy with paint.

Third graders used the mixture of crayon and watercolors for their wax resistance fall leaf projects. Gioffe said she was pleased to see her students’ attention to detail and color as they ventured back into using paint in the art room. The fifth-grade students were meticulous in their polka dotting techniques in completing their Kusama pumpkin creations.





Boy painting pumpkin picture at a tablePainting of pumpkin   Black background art of pumpkin  Teacher with girl looking at art painting  in progress

two boys shoing their paintings of pumpkins