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Primrose Kindergarteners Learn About Hispanic Heritage

Ma Familia coloring held by girl“Un cuento!” Kindergarten students at Primrose Elementary School were introduced to the Spanish word for “story” from Library Media Specialist Nicole Secor as she read a special book to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Secor read “Papá and Me,” a sweet bilingual book by Arthur Dorros about a young Hispanic boy and his father who go on a short outing, speaking English and Spanish along the way.

“We are on week two of learning and reading literature by authors and illustrators from Latin America in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month,” Secor said. “I take great pleasure in introducing our children to books that give them the opportunity to learn about other cultures. I especially love to see our youngest readers making connections to the characters in these stories, no matter which community or place in the world we are exploring.”

Ma Familia coloring held by boyStudents delighted in hearing some of the Spanish words they recognized from learning about Hispanic Heritage this month. Secor began the lesson by using the Smartboard to project some pictures of her own family who comes from Cuba. Students then made pictures of their own “Familia” to take home.