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Pomp and Unusual Circumstance

It has been quite an end to high school for the Somers High School Class of 2021. In March of their junior year, they left school and did not return until the fall. And even then, these seniors were only in class with their teachers and classmates for half the week. The rest of the time they were on a computer, trying to forge connections and soak up knowledge from afar. Some continued to learn from home.

“The most challenging aspect of senior year was finding the motivation for online learning,” says senior Kaitlyn DeRosa.

Senior Peyton DiSiena echoes those sentiments.

“I found the lack of ease of access to different resources was a challenge during online learning,” says DiSiena.

The class of 2021 persevered, however, and even encountered some struggles more typical of a regular high school year.

“I had difficulty finding the balance between school, athletics, extracurriculars, and having a normal social life,” says senior Alexis Jones.

The senior class did their best of adjust to the COVID way of school, including sitting at old-school single desks instead of tables, eating at different lunch periods instead of one community lunch, and taking mask breaks. Sports teams managed to play out their seasons, albeit often modified, and the many talented musicians of Somers High School had a chance to perform for the community, virtually.

“I'm so impressed with the way the members of the Class of 2021 have overcome so many obstacles,” says Mary McEwan, the class co-advisor and chemistry teacher. “Their constant enthusiasm, dedication, and perseverance continues to inspire me.”

“I think what surprised me,” says DeRosa, “Was how our school was able to come together as a community.

After spring break, school returned to some semblance of normalcy, with all students welcomed back into the building. The members of the class board, their class advisors, and parents worked hard to come up with safe, fun, and creative ways to help the Class of 2021 celebrate their high school years together. They went on a class hike and scavenger hunt, spent an evening on Turf 1 playing games and watching a movie, and threw a first-rate Prom under the tent at Primrose. They also took the path paved by the 2020 seniors, cruising through town in a Senior Salute car parade, which ended at the high school with cheering faculty and staff members.

“The Class of 2021 is an incredible group of kind, hardworking, and resilient young people who are ready to take on the world,” says Kat DeLandri, English teacher and class co-advisor. “Despite pandemic challenges, the Somers community should be proud of how our seniors navigated the many challenges and changes to their senior year experience. I will miss these students greatly and cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future.”

Students are headed in dozens of different directions this fall. Follow this link for a list of colleges the seniors are attending:

Congratulations Class of 2021!