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Live from Primrose

If you have not yet heard of MJ Productions, chances are you will one day. Second graders Molly Miale and Jameson Klepadlo are the "M" and "J" of the talk show duo that get all the big interviews in the Somers Central School District. They have interviewed Matt Carr, SCSD director of human resources and student services, Emmy Award-winning singer/songer writer Kevin Briody, Primrose phys ed teacher Kevin Mallon, and Somers Intermediate School Principal Liz Turner and Assistant Principal Linda Belger, and Superintendent Ray Blanch.

"I think it's really interesting to learn about them," says Molly Miale. "If I didn’t interview them I wouldn’t know lots of things, like their pets' names, and who is in their family. We know one side of them, because they work here. But we don’t know the other side, like what they do for fun."

The talk show evolved from an assignment given by teacher Cherie Stietzel, who suggested that the students interview their parents. Jameson loved the process so much, he continued with staff at Primrose.

"It is so nice to take a bond of friendship and do something to make the community a better place," Stietzel tells Molly and Jameson. "It is very inspiring."

Molly likes the production side, so she creates the interview questions, records the interviews, and creates the artwork for each episode. They work through their own production challenges, including operating the camera, and getting on-camera jitters.

"I just take a deep breath, think a little bit, and then I'll get it," says Jameson.

Jameson also learned to do vocal warm ups before his interviews from the movie High School Musical.

"They had a natural talent for it and they are both so friendly," says Cherie Stietzel, "They got fired up and ran with their passion and did what felt right."

"At first it was a fun little thing, and then it got real," says Molly.

Both Molly and Jameson shrug off suggestions from their classmates that they are famous. They enjoy the process and look forward to continuing their partnership next year at Somers Intermediate School. Can't wait until then? Follow this link to hear more from Molly and Jameson: