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Another First Day of Class

Some students at Primrose Elementary and Somers Intermediate School had another first day of school in early June.

“It felt like Christmas morning!” says a second-grade student.

Since the start of the school year, all classes in the elementary schools were divided into two rooms. Each room had 10 to 12 students, and the teacher and teaching assistant used Zoom to communicate with the whole class, while walking back and forth between the rooms. That changed recently for a few classes that moved back into their original classrooms.

“I feel happy,” says eight-year-old Charlotte Mitchell. “Today is the first day since the first day of second grade that our class is all together. We used to see the kids from the other side only sometimes, if we went out for snack and recess. Now we can see them in the same classroom all day.”

Second grade teacher Jessica Paperman spent some time before moving day preparing the students for the transition. They discussed the importance of raising their hands and staying in their seats since there would now be more students in the room.

“To be able to walk up next to their desks for a quick check in to see if they’re understanding everything makes it a lot easier,” says Paperman. “Having them right in front of you rather than watching them through a computer screen makes a big difference.”.

“It’s nice, all of us being in one room so Mrs. Paperman can see us and ask us questions,” says Tyler Milano.

Most of the classes will remain in the two-room class model for the remainder of this school year but will be back in one classroom in the fall.