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Stitching Class Together

Stitching together a semester’s worth of fashion when you have not spent a semester’s worth of time in school is difficult. Typically, at this time of the year the students in the Fashion Marketplace class at Somers High School would be putting finishing touches on their creations for the annual fashion show. But like so many traditions, this one had to be modified.

“Some of these students were in the Fashion Fundamentals class last year when we shut down for COVID, so they didn’t have a lot of sewing experience to begin with,” says teacher Chrissy Brooks. “It would be asking a lot of them to create outfits now, so we are making the most of it.”

The students who are not yet ready to design and sew articles of clothing are instead working on a beauty and fashion blog,

“I tried to make a dress, but it was way too hard to do it from home,” says Sara Guzman, a junior.

Instead, Guzman is working on a blog post about staple pieces of clothing she recommends that everyone have in their closets. Her classmate, Jillian Arena, is writing a research-based blog about what heat does to hair and how to prevent the damage. Many of the students who take Fashion Marketplace use the class to build a portfolio of their work to show to colleges.

“So, the ones who are interested in going to college for fashion are able to share with a college the blog posts they’ve uploaded to see what their work is like and that they have made a commitment to it,” says Brooks.

Some students are experienced enough to create the required four outfits for the fashion show. Junior Devon DiMichele is sewing a purple dress that one of her models will wear at the show. She is relieved to be back in school where she can access resources like dress patterns and advice.

“I mostly created mood boards for this class during online school,” says DiMichele. “It is hard to design and create pieces without assistance from Mrs. Brooks, especially when you come to a bump in the road.”

The fashion show will hit the runway under the tent at 4 p.m. on June 22, 2021, at Somers High School.