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Digging in for the Earth

Green thumbs were abundant on Earth Day at Somers Intermediate School. Students celebrated the day by weeding and planting their school garden.

“It was fun to be outside and know that we were helping the earth,” says Isabella Ciavardini, a fourth-grade student in Beth Monteleone’s class.

Students in several different classes helped prepare pots of flowers that were to be planted for every class in the school. Each class then had the opportunity to head to the garden to plant their class’s special flower.

“We put some new soil in the garden and dug some holes and took weeds out,” says Matthew Van Tassell. “It is caring for the earth and it makes it a better place.”

“They did such a great job sprucing up our gardens,” says Assistant Principal Linda Belger. “Everyone had a chance to get dirty.”

The garden project coincided with the fourth-grade science unit on the food chain.

“Flowers are at the bottom of the food chain,” says Morgan Coughlin. “The flowers give bees pollen, and the bees give us honey.”

Thanks to the students’ efforts, the garden is now doing double duty as an environmental oasis, and a beautiful spot for an outdoor lesson or a mask break.