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iPads for Elementary Students

This year, our younger learners have a new tech tool: iPads. Primrose students received their devices at the start of the year and have been using them in class and at home. Since many children have plenty of experience with iPads at home, they are learning that these iPads are a learning tool, not a toy. They use their QR Badge to sign into Clever and from there, the learning world is open to each student, including programs such as Seesaw, RAZ Kids, Brain Pop Jr., and IXL. With the possibility that the school could switch to eLearning with one day's notice, the teachers want the kids to know where to go to find their teachers while at home.

"Even two weeks in," says first-grade teacher Julianna Hatygeorge, "Our students have become pros at posting videos, photos and recordings of themselves on our learning management system, Seesaw. We get to see photos and videos of students at home playing math games, clips of our students' smiling faces (without masks!), holding up their Fundations work for the camera. It’s the best!"

Hatygeorge's teaching partner, Sam Berg, says that the iPads have changed the way she teaches in the classroom as well.

"It is forcing me to creatively use technology to make the students part of the lesson," says Berg. "Rather than having them watch a math lesson and then go off and try it, they are able to do part of the lesson and try it in real-time while I monitor their progress. It has made it much easier to track data and inform instruction."

Primrose teachers also say the technology breaks down barriers for students of varying needs and abilities and provides them with more opportunities to learn. Somers Intermediate School students started receiving their devices last week. A reminder to parents that each student must sign a personal learning device agreement, which details appropriate usage of school-issued devices at school and home. Schools send those agreements to parents soon after the devices are issued.