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Gregorio Gets LEO Gavel

Madam President is in our midst. Analaura Gregorio, a junior at Somers High School, has been elected president of the New York State Leo Club. The Leo Club is the youth sector of the Lions Club, a service-oriented organization. Gregorio, a vice president with the high school Leo Club in Somers, says it is a great honor and she's excited to put into action her motto, "Together We Serve".
In her role as statewide president, Gregorio oversees all 100 Leos Clubs in New York. Her goal this year is to organize a service project in which every club in the state participates.
"I try my hardest to motivate everyone to do as much as possible," says Gregorio, "And make sure everyone is participating in events."
Gregorio was also just appointed by the Lions Club to the international Leo Club Advisory Panel. The sole representative for the United States and Mexico, Gregorio was one of just eight Leos in the world to be asked to attend the Lions International Convention in Singapore next summer.
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