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Fall Art at Primrose

Multicolor leaf painting on a brown boardStudents at Primrose Elementary School this month were busy in the art room with watercolors, pastels, and pencils creating fallscapes, pumpkins, leaves, and scarecrows.

Fall board leaves on green backgroundKindergarteners practiced their observational drawing skills to create scarecrows. Teacher Eileen Olsen had students look at a scarecrow and try to recreate it. Some used pencil for their creations while others added paint to finish. The first graders made their own scratch boards by applying oil pastels to cardboard and covering with metallic paint. Students created leaf patterns by etching into the cardboard to reveal the beautiful colors. And for second graders, pumpkins were the inspiration for their lesson on lines and shapes. Using lines and shapes, they created patterned pumpkins by blending shades of orange, red, brown, green, yellow, and purple and then adding black


art by ALexandra


wall with several fall paintings of leaves