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Elementary Students Take Part in the Their Own Election Day Event

4 KIDS IN HALLWAY WITH THEIR ELECTION BOXAs voters across the country head to the polls on this Election Day, students at Primrose Elementary School were also learning about civic rights and voting by holding their own election at school.

“Tuskers Circle” was the favorite choice for Primrose students who cast their ballots today to name the fenced-in circle out in front of the school. The fence was donated by the Primrose PTA so that all students could benefit from another outdoor learning space. The grassy space is used for science, story time and many class gatherings. This space is surrounded by beautiful trees and offers students and teachers an outdoor area to learn and be together.

Students voted on a name in their classrooms and submitted a ballot into a ballot box set up outside the main office.

election voting box“Students learned that they have a voice and can help make good choices for our school community,” said first grade teacher and social studies coordinator Kim Laurie. Laurie and her team coordinated the Primrose election this morning.

Tuskers Circle bested seven other names in the running: Nature Niche, The Learning Lounge, The Primrose Patch, Primrose Golden Corral, Primrose Park, Primrose Circle, and Nature Circle.