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Officer Brian Meets with Primrose Kindergarteners

Officer Dan in front of kids “I’m here to keep all you guys safe.”

That’s how School Resource Officer Brian Pavletich introduced himself to kindergarteners in Lyla Gaudio’s class at Primrose Elementary School recently.

Pavletich, known as Officer Brian to the students, has been making the rounds in the Primrose kindergarten classes, introducing himself and explaining his role at the school. To begin his presentations, Pavletich reads the book, “A Day with A Police Officer.”

He then gives students an explanation on everything from his uniform, police department patch, his badge and radio, his body camera and belt and all the equipment he uses for his job at school.

“Like you have crayons and pencils as your tools, these are my tools that I use to keep you safe,” he said.

Officer Dan in front of ClassroomPavletich said he wanted to introduce himself to the youngest students to ensure that they feel comfortable when they see him in the building. He told students where his office is in their school and invited them to ask any questions. He also told the students about the Police Dog “Jenny” who will be visiting their school later in the year.

Pavletich will continue his presentations to Primrose students when he meets with the first graders in two weeks.