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Primrose 1st Graders Mark Hispanic Heritage Month with Books and Artwork

biblioburro signFirst graders in Kim Laurie’s first grade class at Primrose Elementary School are learning about how a man, his donkeys, and his love of sharing books with others inspires children just like them in Colombia to want to read. 

For Hispanic Heritage Month, students found inspiration in the story of “Biblioburro,” the true tale of Luis Soriano and his two “burros” -- donkeys named Alfa and Beta – who deliver books to children in remote areas of northern Colombia. They also read “Waiting for the Biblioburro” about a passionate young reader named Ana who waits patiently for the traveling librarian on his burro to bring her more books. 

“My favorite part was when the little girl had to be patient and wait for the Biblioburro to come back,” said first grader Alexa. “It taught me that I need to be patient and wait for things too.” 

Kids showing biblioburro signsStudents made their own book suggestions for the Biblioburro to share with kids like them in Colombia. The book suggestions included a book title, a drawing, and a reason they wanted to share the book.  

Mrs. Laurie said her students remembered what it was like when they could not use the school library in the spring of 2020 and often made up their own stories to tell family at home. She said it was through this that the students could relate to the Colombian children who do not have books readily available to them.  

Students also took inspiration from Hispanic abstract artist Ines Alvidres who uses bold colors of the rainbow in her works to spur their own versions of her signature “Twilight Cactus.” Students have been busy reading many books that explore different Hispanic cultures and will continue through mid-October.