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Students Showing Their Thankfulness at SIS

cut-out paper hands in fall colorsFood on the table. Friends in their class. Mom and Dad. Going to school. These are just some of the many things students are thankful for at Somers Intermediate School.

"I'm thankful for all the teachers at SIS who help me," says fourth grader Sophia Maracallo.

Art teacher Meghan Gioffe created the “SIS is Thankful” turkey as a way to promote the thankful hearts of the school community. For this project, new this year at SIS, students have traced their hands to form tail feathers. Each “feather” represents something that the student is grateful for.

cut-out paper hands in fall colors"I'm thankful for air, and for my family," says Marco Avila. "Because they are generous and kind."

The fan of feathers of the thankful turkey that adorns the hallway near the art room grew as each new feather of thankfulness in hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown was added.

The project was a mini lesson in art and became a whole school project where each student is now represented on the main bulletin board. Gioffe said the students had some fun with it as they not only reflected on the many things in their own lives they feel grateful for but also got a glimpse into some of the thankfulness of others.

“It’s fun to read them,” Gioffe said “It's a beautiful reminder of everything we are thankful for. It creates an opportunity for us all to stop and reflect on the gifts and people we have in our lives.”


SIS Is thankful turket