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A Lesson on Internet Kindness at Somers Intermediate School

Kids at deskIt’s cool to be kind especially when you are learning to be internet awesome.

Fourth graders at Somers Intermediate School are working on their digital citizenship using an online game that promotes empathy, kindness, and positive internet skills. Library Media Specialist Kenneth Behling helped the students in Christina Staffu’s class maneuver through the Kind Kingdom, part of Google’s Interland game during a recent Library period.

Behling said the game teaches about digital safety and citizenship through an interactive and fun experience for students who become “internauts.” “They learn the importance of being an upstander and how to spread positive vibes on the internet,” Behling said. They explore the need for strong passwords, how to spot cyberbullies, hacking and internet scams, he said.

Chiara M. said she liked the game because of its message. “It teaches you to be kind,” she said.

The library lesson coincides with this month’s school wide “No Place for Hate” campaign and October being Bullying Prevention Month.




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