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Mrs. Jacobellis' Students Win Read-a-thon

Congratulations to all the Somers Intermediate School students who participated in the PTA Read-a-thon. The results are in and Mrs. Jacobellis' third grade class took the top prize. As a school, SIS raised more than $2,000.

The results are based on books read and were tallied by the reading logs that were turned in.
The students in Mrs. Jacobellis's class read a total of 209 books. The grade level results are listed below.

3rd grade
1st - Mrs. Jacobellis 209 books
2nd - Mrs.Harris/Mrs.Carroll 102 books
3rd - Mrs.Dulyk 94 books

4th Grade
1st- Mrs.Witkiewciz 46 books
2nd - Mrs.Stewart 33 books
3rd- Mrs. Hill 31 books

5th Grade
1st- Mrs.Sisca 82 books
2nd- Mrs.Colella 24 books
3rd- Mrs.Carvo 5 books