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Experts Everywhere

Experts Everywhere

Students were on hand to share their expertise about a variety of subjects at the recent Expert Fair at Primrose Elementary Schools.

“I’m an expert at Bob Marley,” Evan said. “He’s a good singer.”

First-grade experts prepared for the big event for weeks, putting together their displays, writing and illustrating a book filled with their knowledge, and gathering hands-on examples to show visitors. Displays included photos, stickers, collector cards, stuffed animals, sports equipment, and toys.

“We made books about what we’re an expert on,” Gabby said. “I liked the writing the best.”

The Expert Fair was held in the cafeteria. As visitors arrived, they were greeted by experts handing out tickets, they were guided to the venue by sign-holders, and they were ushered into the fair by ticket collectors. Once everyone was assembled, student speakers kicked off the event with a welcome message before each student got a turn to announce their expertise.

“I brought in my Pokémon cards and some stickers,” Anthony said. “I added two Pokémon that I created.”

During the fair, students shared their knowledge with family members, fellow students, and school faculty and staff. Topics included sports, hobbies, activities, pop culture, and places. The first to visit each expert were the family members invited, followed by family members of other students. Finally, the students were invited to visit their fellow experts’ stations, allowing them to learn more about what their classmates had been working on.

“I built a giant Lego person for the Expert Fair,” said Rocco. “His hat opens and then a little Lego person can go inside.”

Students did a wonderful job showcasing their expertise and sharing their passion and knowledge with friends and family. Everyone learned something new at this year’s Expert Fair!

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