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2023-2024 Mission, Vision, & Purpose


  • The SCSD Educational Equity Advisory Team provides the opportunity for stakeholder voices to be included in the district’s pursuit of ensuring a positive educational experience and environment for all students.


  • SEEAT will provide input for ensuring an equitable and inclusive learning environment through:
  • Amplifying the stories of the SCSD community that exemplify our successes and challenges with creating equitable learning environments.
  • Reviewing organizational structures to reflect our definition of educational equity.
  • Providing feedback on student learning experiences to ensure that we welcome and affirm all students.
  • Providing feedback on professional learning development designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of our faculty, staff, students and families to better meet the needs of our diverse learning community


  • In the service of DEI we will build trust and transparency
  • In the service of DEI we will increase partnership across the schools and wider community
  • In the service of DEI we will model student-centered thinking
  • In the service of DEI we will elevation the voices of our children