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Planning Committee

Planning Committee Charter

Board members on the Planning Committee are: Amanda Kandel, Ifay Chang, Patrick Varbero 

Background & Role

One of the School Board's governance responsibilities is to set the strategic direction of the school district. This is accomplished through the Board of Education setting goals representative of the community's needs for the Somers Central School District. These goals are then enacted under the leadership of the Superintendent. The Board of Education is establishing a planning committee to ensure that the goals are set by the Board of Education promptly and represent the evolving community needs through structured input from the voices of community delegates, the community directly, and school leaders.


The purpose of the Planning Committee is to:

  • Develop the process, including a timeline for creating and setting the Board of Education district-wide goals.
  • Identify the maximum size of the committee and who the broader committee members are outside of two to three Board of Education members and the Superintendent.
  • The committee should schedule and oversee any related activities for the Board of Education level goal development and subsequent feedback loop meetings from the Superintendent and cabinet.
  • Provide regular feedback to the Board of Education on the current SCSD goals and share suggestions for improvement and future SCSD goals.


The Committee will be comprised of:

  • Two to three Board of Education members
  • Superintendent
  • Cabinet members as needed