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Communication Committee

Communications Committee Charter

Board of Ed members on this committee are: Amanda Kandel, Chadwick Olsen, Dominick DeMartino

Background & Role

The Board of Education wishes to enhance channels of communication between the Board of Education and the community. The Somers Board of Education supports the District’s mission, vision and values, and seeks to promote trust, understanding and transparency by informing and engaging all stakeholders, including parents, staff, students and the community at large.


The purpose of the Communications Committee is to:

  • Assess current communication mechanisms for Board of Education meetings;
  • Investigate and recommend new communication strategies to the Board of Education and administration;
  • Refine and update the Board of Education presence on the district website;
  • Establish a Board of Education social media presence for communicating important information
  • Work with the District’s Communications Coordinator as needed to effectively communicate information in a timely manner.


The Committee will be comprised of:

  • Two to three Board of Education members
  • Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent for Business
  • Other administrators, as needed, depending on topic
  • District Communications Coordinator, as needed