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Kindergarten Registration



If your child will be five years of age on or before December 31, 2024 they will be eligible to start kindergarten in September 2024. Registration will take place online throughout the month of February. The registration window will open on February 1, 2024. 

You may also register your child(ren) by completing the following registration packet:
KF Registration Packet.

Completed packets and required documents may be brought to the district registrar, Bettina Limongelli, at Somers Middle School.

Before you begin the online registration, please gather the following documents and scan them to your computer so you can upload them during the registration process:

  • Proof of Student's Age
  • Current Physical (not required for initial registration, but preferred)
  • Immunization Record
  • Proof of Residency
  • Special Ed - IEP

Learn more about on the required documentation.

Primrose School looks forward to welcoming you to the Somers Central School District.
Please do not hesitate to call our main office (248-8888) with your questions or concerns.

Important Information from the Health Office

School Nurse - Cristina Fata, RN

Physicals: A physical examination and up-to-date immunization record is required for all children entering school for the first time. The physical must be on a New York State approved form dated any time after September 3, 2023. If not, you will need an updated physical exam for your child.

NYS School Health Examination Form

Immunizations: All students attending school in NYS must be age-appropriately immunized. Students entering Kindergarten must have the following:

  • DTaP/DTP – 5 doses
  • IPV or OPV – 4 doses
  • Hepatitis B – 3 doses
  • MMR – 2 doses
  • VZV (Varicella) – 2 doses

*Proof of disease or immunity is acceptable for MMR, VZV, and Hepatitis B only. Acceptable proof of disease and immunity must come from the student’s primary physician and proof must be submitted to school at time of registration.

*Religious exemption is not permitted in the state of NY, only medical exemptions with proper documentation is permitted at this time. A form must be completed by the student’s NYS licensed physician. This form must be completed yearly.

NYS Immunization Requirements Form

Immunization Schedule (2023-2024)

All students have 14 days from the start of school to be completely immunized or they will not be permitted to come to school until they meet all immunization requirements. Any child that does not meet NYS immunization compliance as of September 17, 2024, will not be allowed to attend school until proof of immunization compliance is received.

Review parental responsibilities and school vaccination requirements as per NYS requirements.

Medications: Children are NOT allowed to bring ANY medications to school or to carry any medications. This includes common over-the-counter medications. All medication that you feel your child may require while in school will need a medication administration form completed by the parent and the student’s primary physician.

If you would like our nurses to administer any medication (prescription, vitamin, or any over-the-counter medication) please fill out the appropriate form. The form must be dated July 1, 2024, or later for it to apply to the 2024-2025 school year. Both form and medication must be brought to the school’s Health Office by a parent, guardian, or designated person 18 years of age or older.

Cough drops, throat lozenges, gum, and lollipops are not allowed due to choking hazards. Lip balm (such as Chapstick) is allowed and encouraged. The Health Office can provide a form that you can bring to your physician to complete.

Reporting an Absence: All absences are entered into School Dismissal Manager. This is the system Primrose Elementary School uses for dismissal as well as late arrivals and absences. If your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness (i.e., Strep, Flu, COVID, pink eye, or any other highly contagious illness) please call or email the Health Office as soon as you are aware. Each illness warrants its own length of time needed to stay home to ensure we are keeping our students, families, and staff safe and healthy. If your child is ill and you are unsure of how to proceed, please reach out to the Health Office.

Physical Education: A note from a physician is needed for students to be excused from physical education. We may excuse a student for ONE day only with a note from home; but any injury requiring a doctor visit (i.e. stitches, fractured or broken bones, surgical procedures, sprains, etc.) must be accompanied by a note from student’s physician stating what restrictions will be imposed for both PE and recess, and for length of time. We ask that proper attire be worn for PE (sneakers preferred) to decrease chance of injury.

Recess: Children go outside every day for recess if temperatures are at least 15 degrees and weather permitting. Please dress your child appropriately. Jackets, hats, and gloves are recommended especially during the colder months. No flip-flops please.

Our school nurse is available to help support families and students. If there are any questions or need of any further information you can reach out to, Cristina Fata, RN, at (914) 248-8020 or you email, with any questions or concerns you may have.